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About Us

Our mission at Atlanta Upper Cervical Chiropractic is to elevate the status quo in healthcare as well as in chiropractic care. From the doctor-patient relationship to the utilization of the latest research and technology, our office is designed to produce a higher quality of experience and outcome.

The Foundation of Our Care

All healthcare systems should seek to restore the human body to a state of self-sustaining adaptive physiology. We cannot be truly healthy as individuals if we rely on external sources to enable a temporary condition. The longer a person can sustain health/function without the need for intervention, the longer their body is able to heal, grow, and thrive.

The challenge we face in America is that the diseases of today are not caused by scarcity or lack of stimulus. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, even things like gout are all a result of overabundance and  over-consumption. Too often in the search for solutions, do we feel the need to “add” something to the equation in the hopes that it might make the difference and bring everything into harmony.

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We believe if you want to improve someone’s health, you should first look to remove stressors, toxins, or interference to the systems of the body BEFORE introducing a new chemical, stimulus, therapy etc. The human body is uniquely designed to operate on this planet under natural conditions. Every system works in unison to bring about APPROPRIATE changes/adaptations in response to stress or stimulus. There is nothing that regulates this adaptive mechanism better than the human body.

Chiropractic respects this fact by understanding that the reduction or removal of interference to the nervous system is the first step in the healing process. If the body is unaware of itself or its abnormal condition, it cannot adapt to it. If it cannot adapt, tissues will malfunction, cause further damage/disease and eventually die. This tissue damage/death sets off a reaction of dysfunction and dis-ease throughout the entire body. There is no chance of true recovery unless the stressors are reduced or the adaptive range is increased. Chiropractic adjustments happen to do both simultaneously. By reducing the cumulative stress on the body via correcting vertebral subluxations, the body has less stress to cope with. This also allows for more optimal communication between the brain and body, thus allowing for increased adaptive capabilities.

It is this increased tolerance or adaptive range that is to be coveted and pursued. We do not live in a bubble. It is foolish to attempt to sterilize every environment or control every variable we encounter. Instead, let us focus our efforts in strengthening and facilitating the systems of the body, so that our own innate wisdom, that same wisdom that has lead life to grow and adapt for millennia, may go to work.


Are You Looking for Answers?

Our goal is to assist you with the understanding that not every case is a chiropractic case. We take the time to understand each individual, and only accept patients we know we can help. We often find that our approach to health and healing allows us to address areas of dysfunction that have gone unnoticed. Treating this can mean the difference between true healing and recovery vs. temporary relief and continued frustration. Perhaps you’ve already visited other offices and want to find out more about upper cervical chiropractic. Perhaps you’ve read enough already and you’re interested in taking the next step. Feel free to Contact us and reserve your time for a consultation with Dr. Smith.

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